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  • Tuesday, May 5, 2020

  • Thursday, April 23, 2020

    Stephen Shore: ‘I wanted to find America, but I think I was finding myself too. . .’

  • April 10, 2020

  • A purely seeing-machine

    Human is built as a vision cognitive machine. How comes when you hold a vision recording machine?  When you think of Photography, what comes to mind? You might think of someone holding a camera with gold or red lines on the lens or looks so different in the crews because you are continually finding something […]

  • There is no substitute for practice.

    There is no substitute for practice. Studying a lot is the latchkey to follow the steep patch to gather knowledge and skills. To learn, technically learned, use properly, then mastery the profession by using it creatively is a long way for most people. Shortcuts are more design for amateurs who looking for speedy results, it […]

  • Effective Learning strategy.

    # 10MinWritingEveryday # SunriseNote It is interesting how humans remember things. We continuously access certain information by using it for an extended period. Remember a list of new vocabulary, learn new skills that involve some strategical repeatability. Memory is such a fantastic function that all brain carries. There is a particular function or ability called […]

  • Writing small, write often

    In Nov. 2004, 15 years from now, I launched a website Busoni Books, an early version of Just at the time when I signed a contract to write my first book Digital Photography for Zhejiang Photography Press. The purpose of the online Busoni Books is to collect some writing pieces that may not use […]

  • 人们将从自然物体和空间关系中获得最大的终极启迪,人造物无法达成这种纯粹性。人造建筑、城市和服饰,本身是一种类照片的、非纯粹的存在,是一种他人创造的产物,是一种变化的传递过程。与之相反,自然蕴含了最大的秘密。要放弃对自然的僭越,认清自己时空窃贼的渺小身份的目标,好奇的凝望这一被大脑随机重组的数以帧记的更迭时空。

  • Where Google Glass failed, Google Lens could actually succeed.

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