Effective Learning strategy.

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It is interesting how humans remember things. We continuously access certain information by using it for an extended period. Remember a list of new vocabulary, learn new skills that involve some strategical repeatability.

Memory is such a fantastic function that all brain carries. There is a particular function or ability called Synaptic Plasticity, and it is means the existence of synapses – a structure that works and helps between neurons communication – to strengthen or weaken over time. Use it or lost it is the key insights of leaning.

In education and learning, the key to designing instructional materials for maximum high-efficiency learning results is not the well-constructed class curriculum for a duration of time. Instead, it is how we can build a system that comfortable for a student to quickly ‘mimic’ and repeat. A system that turns and divide leaning models to a smaller cell that complete usable task. For a leaner, you always should take action now and move learning direction one step at a time forward and make it a solid routine strategically. It is not necessary to set goals to changes, the goal usually weakens the action.

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其根本区别在于技能的层级(专业级)和其能应对的问题的复杂程度。技能的专业化过程代表了该记忆揉杂进入了“经验”,经验可以通过重复使用特定的程序或经历来获取。每次按下快门的经验实际是不同的,遇到的不同情景下的技术挑战,会促使使用者解决特定的 – 看似简单重复经验过程中的 – 不确定性因素,这就是知识向技能转换的过程,你必须持续在一种循环式的锤炼中获得纯粹的经验积累。这意味着,从摄影观看经验的学习角度而言,学习摄影的关键在于如何将人类生来的观看能力 Ability,转化为观看的技能 Skills,继而转换为观看的思考 Critical Thinking,通过对观看的思考、分析和认知 Analytical Kownleadge,继而转化为观看的输出品 Photographic action。

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