Nicholas Jenson 1420-1480


尼古拉斯·杰森,15世纪迄今最伟大的人文主义字体设计师,它创造了罗马体(Roman)这一个字体种族,其Jenson字体被称为最完美的罗马(Roman)体。在它的影响下出现了一系列的现代罗马字体,如Time News Roman,Caslon ,Garamond等。

Roman: Definition: Of the three major type classifications of Western typography, Roman is the style in widest use. The others are Blackletter and Italic. Traditionally, Roman is a serif face based on a style of ancient Rome and is the typical classic serif of today. However, Roman also refers to any upright typeface (as opposed to italic, slanted, or script), even sans serif faces.

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