Month: October 2006

  • Chinese photography


    Chinese photography is photography from the nation of China. The characteristic division of such creative work is between either photojournalism or fine art photography.


    Many artist-photographers have had success, especially in the west. Although their work has not been as explicitly political as that by very similar conceptual artists in the west, it has used the same repertoire of ‘shock’(震撼); nakedness(裸体), swear words(脏字), dead babies(死婴) and elephant dung(象粪), among other items that have now become tired clichés(陈腔滥调). Some photographers also work in ‘Chinese kitsch’ (中国庸俗艺术)- sometimes called “Mao goes Pop”(“毛氏波普”) — a collage style very similar to western pop art of the 1960s.

  • 文言維基百科

    文言維基百科  文言維基百科初立於丙戌年七夕,乃維基百科協作計畫之文言文版也。該維基由非營利組織維基媒體基金會掌之;至2006年十月15日止,已擁有文言條目凡八十四文矣。 (中国境内线路可直接访问。世风沦丧,读写简单文字,清清脑筋也好。)

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